Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Coming to the edge of something

What happens when you discover that a significant portion of the religious real estate that made up your early devotional life, that still informs the language of your worship, that still speaks in your heart, can be collected together into a movement? A movement, not a Reformation, not a return ad fontes to the original sources of Scripture, but a movement of sometimes anti-intellectual piety, a movement whose philosophical basis is easily derived from the everyman pragmatism of the early-industrial West. It is like coming to the edge of some vast, familiar something and looking out into the unknown of the other side.

That said, the following are a list of persons associated with the nineteenth century Wesleyan-Revivalist movement known in America as the Holiness Movement, and in Europe and other parts of the English-speaking world as the Higher Life Movement. Other descriptive terms used by its members are "the Deeper Christian Life" and "the Victorious Christian Life." Some were not directly part of this movement, but have associated themselves with it. This revivalist movement took its roots from Wesleyan perfectionism and grew into the Pentecostal movement beginning in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Many of those listed were intimately connected via the Keswick /KES-sik/ Convention, (1875-present.)

D.L.Moody, F.B. Meyer, Amy Carmichael, Hannah Whitehall Smith (a Quaker), Watchman Nee, Andrew Murray, Hudson Taylor, R. A. Torrey, Charles Finney, A B Simpson, C. I. Scofield, A. W. Tozer, Lewis Sperry Chafer, Henry Drummond, Oswald Chambers, Moody Bible Institute, Foursquare and Open Bible/Gospel Lighthouse churches, the Assemblies of God.