Thursday, April 21, 2005

Martin Heidegger, "What is Metaphysics?" Part 3a

III. The Response to the Question

The nothing makes itself known intimately with and in beings expressly as a slipping away of the whole (which is the context of anxiety). The nothing itself does not attract; it is essentially repelling. This wholly repelling gesture toward beings that are in retreat as a whole is the essence of the nothing: nihilation.

Nihilation discloses [the whole of] beings in their full but heretofore concealed strangeness as what is radically other — with respect to the nothing. In the clear night of the nothing of anxiety the original openness of beings as such arises: that they are beings — and not nothing. There is a revelation of beings in general. [Indeed, Nihilation] brings Da-sein for the first time before beings as such.

Thus, only on the ground of the original revelation of the nothing can human existence approach and penetrate beings. Dasein means: being held out into the nothing.

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