Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Martin Heidegger, "What is Metaphysics?" Part 2b

II. The Elaboration of the Question

If the nothing itself is to be questioned as we have been questioning it, then it must be given beforehand. We must be able to encounter it. Where shall we seek the nothing? Where will we find the nothing? In order to find something must we not already know in general that it is there? Indeed! At first and for the most part man can seek only when he has anticipated the being at hand of what he is looking for. [We cannot seek through an investigation of the totality of beings – we are too finite. But we can seek through that experience of that totality in which we live, our common, everyday experience.] No matter how fragmented our everyday existence may appear to be, however, it always deals with beings in a unity of the “whole,” if only in a shadowy way. Even and precisely then when we are not actually busy with things or ourselves this “as a whole” overcomes us — for example in genuine boredom. [Profound] boredom reveals beings as a whole.

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